Election Looms In Burman-Bring Out Batons

This spring will witness an unusual experience for people in Myanmar, they will be treated to the spectacle of something termed “an election.” In this “election,” the goal is to place your mark on a ballot with full knowledge the only marks that will be counted are those which indicate support for government candidates. The Burmese State Peace and Development Council, which is comprised of men who seek to develop the vote count for candidates supported by the ruling military junta, have given indications they will not look kindly on monks who get the weird idea they should vote for someone who supports their views. Most probably, monks will be told to stay clear of any activity connected to an election. After all, Monks in Burma can’t vote anyway.

There is scant doubt the final total will be 99% for government candidates, but the military junta is worried the fact a single person voted against them represents a vital threat to their continued power in office. We can expect beatings of monks and jail terms.