Election-Zimbabwe Style–Arrest Opposition!

Zimbabwe plice arrested opposition officials and a pilot who were delivering election materials for Saturday’s general election. Jameson Timba, wh is standing for parliament was seized by police as he accepted campaign materials. Earlier this month, the head of the Zimbabwe police vowed: “Western puppets would never rule.” He also made clear the police would crush any premature victory celebrations ahead of the official results. “Let me at the onset indicate that we will not brook any situations of chaos or conduct likely to cause a breach of peace, pandemonium, commotion, tumult or disturbances of peace.”

I believe his edict only applies to opposition supporters who did not receive the official announcement that President Mugabe has already won the election, but in the spirit of fair play he will go through the charade of making believe there is an honest electoral process. Hopefully, his willingness to show a desire to allow people to vote will not be interpreted to mean their vote actually counts for anything.