Election Zimbabwe Style-Vote Correctly Or Die!

President Robert Mugabe has abandoned any pretense that he will adhere to democratic principles of conducting an election by unleashing his dogs of war to impose their brutal tactics on the people of Zimbabwe. Soldiers and militia belonging to the ruling Zanu-PF of Mugabe, made inhabitants of Rusape gather in an open field where they were told by soldiers: “Your vote is your bullet.” Everyone knew the meaning of the expression. As one woman said, “they are saying we will die if we don’t vote for Robert Mugabe” and then she hurried off to avoid being caught out at night during the unofficial curfew now present in the nation. The Zanu-PF militia and soldiers use the night to carry out their program of intimidation, beatings, and murder against anyone suspected of being a supporter of opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change.

The thugs with their sticks, spears, and knives often go door-to-door in communities seeking those known to be members of the MDC. In Rusape they found Farai Gamba, a MDC organizer, and killed him. N Buhera, they killed Chokuse Muphango, placed his body on a truck and drove it through town to get the message across.

There is no hope in the upcoming election for anything other than a Mugabe “victory.” It is time for the international community to impose sanctions on Mugabe and his killers that will hurt them in the pocket book.