Elections, Ivory Cost Style

President Laurent Gbagbo held an election, and assured the world it would be free. Votes were counted by an impartial UN group and it turned out the president was not the first one present in the hearts of his fellow countrymen. Laurent was confused. He thought when one ran an election the outcome was that the incumbent president was re-elected. Isn’t that was the norm in many African nations? Heck, if you don’t wind up with a majority of votes there are two alternatives: throw out votes secured by opponents in order to ensure you are ahead or just blame the entire damn outcome on Europeans colonialists like his friend Robert Mugambe does in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately for Gbagbo the UN was supervising the election and was determined the winner would win. Laurent sent thugs into arrest those who ran against him and after a nice beating they were expected to apologize for even running in the election and get the heck out of the nation.

There simply was too much publicity about the stolen election and refusal on the part of the UN to leave made the situation rather sticky for the president. To make matters worse, the presidents of Benin, Sierra Leone and Cap Vert rushed to see Laurent and urged him to leave office. The outcome is still unclear. Who knows, perhaps democracy might win a battle in an African nation.