Elections — Zimbabwe Style–Dish Out The Corn!

Robert Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for nearly three decades during which time he has completely wrecked his nation’s economy, made half the population unemployed, and forced millions to flee in search of a decent life. Mugabe is once again running for president but he ran into a problem when his Finance Minister, Sima Makoni, turned against him and decided to run for president. Makoni has asked members of the ruling Zanu PF to stand with him in opposing the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. But, in the world of Mugabism, opposition is not something to be taken lightly. Makoni supporters are encountering threats of violence and there is blatant vote buying. In the town of Masvingo, a government minister dstributed free sport kits to children and in western Zimbabwe, people recieved 50kg bags of corn meal.

The nations of the African Union have stood by silently while fellow Africans are abused and threatened without saying or doing anything. The least members of the African Union can do is to send election observers into Zimbabwe and try to protect the rights of people to enjoy a free election.