Electoral Violence Escalates In Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe lost an election for the first time in his life and his efforts to ensure that never again occurs has resulted in an escalation of violence within Zimbabwe as thugs and goons for his Zanu-PF party roam the land beating and even killing those who oppose his election. Agustino Zacarias, speaking for the UN, said new levels of violence are now present in the nation. “These incidents of violence are occurring in communal farming and urban areas and there are indication that the level of violence is escalating in all these areas and could reach crisis levels.” He said the evidence is clear of “an emerging pattern of political violence indicated mainly, but not exclusively, on rural supporters of the MDC(Movement for Democratic Change).”

Government directed attacks are being waged aganst human rights workers, election monitors and others who seek to create a democratic society. Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the MDC, has called for access to the electoral process by outside observers, a desire which will most probably be denied by Mugabe since the last thing on his agenda is allowing the outside world to observe his brutality.

The only hope for a democratic run-off election lies with the Southern African Development Community, but, so far, it has been unable to shift Mugabe into a position which would allow outside observers.