Eleven Million Percent Inflation And Rising In Zimbabwe

If there was an Olympic event for which nation leads the world in having the highest inflation rate, Zimbabwe would win the gold, silver and bronze medals. Disastrous policies of President Mugabe have wrecked the nation, sent over two million fleeing to other nations, and left 80% of those remaining living in poverty. African nations have appealed to the Zimbabwe leader to work with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, but he fears surrendering any power because it would leave open possible charges against the clique which surrounds him of stealing land and money.

President Thabo Mbeki for months has remained a close friend and supporter of a man who was running his nation’s economy into the ground. Mbeki refused to be an impartial mediator and thus encouraged Mugabe to continue his ruinous policies. Now, Mbeki’s reputation is in ruins within his own nation. But, the people of Zimbabwe continue living in poverty and hunger.