Elusive Elysee

These are not the best of days for President Obama who never appears to escape some form of confusion whether it be the functioning of web sites on the Internet or the love life of people who are going to meet with him. If there is a scandal happening some place on this planet, one can be certain its presence will soon appear at the White House. President Francois Hollande, who is headed for some chats with President Obama is currently in the middle of a scandal that is rocking France–FirstLadyGate! Francois Hollande has four children by a woman he never married, and currently heads France and lives in the Elysee with his official partner, Valerie Trierweiler. Actually, to be accurate the First Lady or the First Official Partner, is not exactly at the Elysee these days. She is in a hospital suffering from emotional fatigue after learning that her consort is having an affair with movie actress Julie Gayet. Actually, to be accurate she is no longer in the hospital but has headed for the Netherlands to recover among the tulips.

President Hollande attempted to clear up the situation regarding First Ladies. “I don’t want anymore first ladies in the future of the Elysee.” Now, the real question is: is there a prospect that the Elysee at some future moment in time will have an official First Man? I’m just asking!