Emails, Sex And Americans

The General Petraeus case has now entered the bizarro world of utter nonsense. It began with the famous general deciding to engage in sex with a woman. The very thought of an important American having sex with someone other than his wife is absolutely shocking and unheard of. Oh, I forgot Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy who wrote the book on having sex with any and all women, Dwight Eisenhower who had an affair while commander-in-chief of US/UK forces in Europe, and the oft repeated stories about Bill Clinton. So, how else can we Americans be than shocked at revelations that the head of our CIA shacked up with a woman??

The FBI is investigating the Petreaus affair, the US Senate is investigating the FBI investigation and now, here comes a new investigation. US Commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen is being investigated for having an affair with a woman named Jill Kelly who somehow is connected to the Petraeus stuff. An affair does not bother me, BUT the FBI found 20,000 pages of emails between Allen and Kelly that ran for 30,000 pages. How the hell could this guy run an army when he was spending hundreds of hours emailing a woman?? Talking with a woman 20 times a day when you are in charge of running an amy?

Solution: Remove all computer access to emails from those in charge of anything in the government or our armed forces.