End Death Penalty!

Another example from Texas emerged which revealed that an innocent man was sent to his death in the state which remains fixed on a state of denial concerning human rights. Former Governor George Bush once boasted that doubt never entered his mind when denying clemency for anyone who was convicted of murder. His assumption was that if a jury convicted a person, the jury must be right.

Alas, being placed on trial in the state of Texas for murder, particularly when one has the misfortune of possessing a black skin, is the most certain way to, not only receive a guilty sentence, but also being sent to Death Row. It is time to review every single case of those on Death Row using modern DNA information. It is time the USA joined the human race by ending the killing of people.

God supposedly said, “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.” Fair enough, let God handle punishment of death, but take it out of the hands of we ordinary humans.