End Drug Disaster-NOW!

Few Americans know that until 1912 the use of drugs was perfectly legal in the United States of America and life went on and on. Unfortunately, the American “war on drugs” has become among the world’s greatest disasters in human history. President Otto Perez Molina of Guatamala came out with a plea for the United States and other countries to rethink this war on drugs. As he put it: “the war on drugs has failed. They(US) must be open to  recognizing that the struggle against drugs, in the way it has been conducted, has failed.” Who does not know this is an accurate description of the “war on drugs?” It has FAILED! The only success  is for our ability to create drug lords and cartels.

President Molina seeks a new policy that entails some form of a regulated drug market that enables those seeking use of drugs to obtain what they desire -legally. This is step one toward ending rule of drug lords and creating rule of law and order.