End First, Change 2nd!

There is a guy who comes from the evil land of Great Britain who apparently does not understand our beloved American Constitution. Piers Morgan, of England born, has made statements which criticize the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and thousands of God fearing, red blooded Americans not only want him to cease and desist, but to leave our fair land. Over 30,000 have signed petitions which make clear that his “hostile attack against the US Constitution.” They are particularly angry because “his position as a national network television host” allows him to “stage attacks agains the right of American citizens” to behave like first class idiots.

Gee, I thought the FIRST AMENDMENT to the Constitution provided all living in America the right to challenge the Second Amendment. It is fascinating how gun idiots want to take away Constitutional rights in the name of protecting the Constitution. I hate to tell these ignorant folk that over the course of 200 years many Supreme Courts have declared it Constitutional to have restrictions on gun ownership.