End Gas Driven Cars Says Swedish Political Party!

During the past half century any intelligent person became aware of global issues arising from the use of petrol driven cars. However, automobile manufacturers have extensive power in legislative bodies because they hire thousands of workers and require supplies from hundreds of small business enterprises. Maud Olofsson of the Swedish Centre Party, has called for the end of any petrol driven car by 2025. Her party is proposing banning gas driven cars by 2025, and in the meantime imposing high taxes on the current breed of cars. The Centre Party would allow ethanol driven cars but impose much stricter fuel-efficiency standards. Naturally, Swedish car manufacturers like Saab complain such action would create employment issues.

The proposal also includes more money for rapid transit such as trains in order to shift people from using cars to taking advantage of more fuel efficient means of transportation. There is little doubt actions by Sweden will not change the world, but it marks a beginning that a nation recognizes the importance of action to prevent global warming.