End Of Crime In Baltimore!

Throughout human history there are certain events that will always appear regardless of the society, regardless of their beliefs in this or that form of religion– crime, prostitution and war. There is a way going on in the city of Baltimore just as there is a war going on in every major city on this planet. A new report indicates that 13 prison staff at the Baltimore City Detention Center work, not only for the city of Baltimore, but are on the staff of the Black Guerrilla Family which is run by one, Tavon White. In fact, four of these women are pregnant by this man of action and assist in his control of the Center. They smuggle in drugs or cell phones or women whatever is the desire of inmates and whatever they have the cash to spend. Sir Tavon White has children by city employees and regards the Center as key to his operations.

According to FBI tapes, Mr. White is rather clear as to who runs the criminal court system in Baltimore. “This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious. I make every final call in this jail..and nothing gets past me, everything comes to me.” Fair enough. His gang has murdered over a dozen people in the city of Baltimore, including some girls who burned to death a few.

This year there have been 218 murders in the city of Baltimore. There have been 450 in the city of New York which is somewhat larger in population. I am glad to report that Governor Martin O’Malley is prepared to run for the presidency of this nation based on his record of ending crime in Baltimore.

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