End Of MH370

The world has endured for the past two weeks nonstop analysis, examination, theoretical speculation and fascination with the disappearance of MH370. Fox News commentators took a few weeks off from bashing Barack Obama in order to demonstrate their nuttiness goes beyond politics but enters into the world of our everyday lives. They have demanded employment of psychics or offered theories about the design of the plane or how the oxygen failed but for some strange reason to not place blame where it really belongs–the weakness of President Obama encouraged the pilots to fly the plane into the India!!

We have decided to end any and all further speculation about this plane. If you really want to know what happened just check the White House. Here is the TRUE STORY:

President Obama was feeling trapped by the nonstop attacks from the Tea Party and Republican congressmen. He had the NSA organize the plan to crash the plane into the Indian Ocean in order to switch attention from the White House to the Ocean house.

This is TRUE!