End Of Tamil Tigers At Hand?

Many of the Tamil Tigers still fighting in northeast Sri Lanka were born into a world of war, spent their childhood in war, entered adolescence in war and have been fighting for years without ever having once experienced the idea of peace. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) are now trapped with their leader, Velupillai Prabhakran, into an area of 21 square miles in the northeast section of the country. The ruthless ruler of LTTE has been a demi-god for nearly thirty years and has made decisions that impacted the lives of his followers. For years, a Tamil Tiger could not marry, but in 1984, the leader married a university student and suddenly marriage was OK.

Parbhakran has three choices — surrender, flight or death. He probably is not the suicide type and will undoubtedly find an excuse to leave the island. If he goes, the entire revolution will most probably come to a stand still and end. At this point, for most inhabitants of Sri Lanka, that would be the best solution.

The real task is now for the government to reach out and grant amnesty to all fighters and begin the process of reconciliation. A reading of Abraham Lincoln’s policy toward the defeated South would help Sri Lanka leaders understand what to do.