End Of Time?

I recognize that in the United States of America there are many people who, in reality are not of this planet,but come from alien areas of the universe where Jesus has yet to visit.It is now clear that the man known by the name of Barack Obama comes from these distant planets in the universe. He represents the anti-Christ and now is engaged in a heinous plot to not only destroy the United States of America,but of all humankind. It is now clear that his tool of destruction is the Obama health care plan. Imagine robbing our Lord of the presence of his children by extending life through improved health? Obama wants Americans to die in order to allow Muslims triumph

Michelle Bachmann pointed out yesterday that our President is an ally of terrorism.”He removed a ban on arming terrorists in order to allow weapons to the Syrian terrorists!”As our heroic Congresswoman points out”We are in God’s End Time History.”

Today life,tomorrow Hell.