End Of Unions In America

Among the great tragedies of American education for generations that grew up after 1970 was failure on the part of social studies teachers to make certain that youth understood the importance to the economic health of society of unions. Unions provide higher wages to workers who lack college degrees and impart a sense of solidarity between those who work with their hands and hearts for the betterment, not only of self, but of society as a whole. Unions have declined and wages have declined. Forty years ago a union worker earned enough to purchase a home, and send his children off to college where they learned to dislike the union that enabled them to attend college.

Workers at the Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, voted 712 to 626 to reject being represented by the United Automobile Workers(UAW) because Republican politicians and business people and VW warned that to be represented by an organization dedicated to high wages for workers would kill investments in the area. The UAW continues its decline and so do American workers continue their decline in wages and a middle class standard of living.\