End Social Security-Job Killer!!

It is now clear that the Obama administration is actively continuing its massive program to destroy jobs for American workers. The so-Called “Affordable Care Act” allows workers in their fifties or single mothers to CEASE WORKING because now they can afford medical insurance. According to the Congressional Budget Office this will result in those who used to work and work in order to retain medical insurance to cease and desist and remain home to lull around in leisure and idleness. Oh, Senator Charles Schumer can claim, “the single mom who’s been raising three kids and had to keep her job because of health care can now spend more time raising the kids,” but this also means she ceases to be the hard working woman who spends hours enjoying the job of being a waitress will give up the pleasure of hard work.

Hard work makes a person happy. Just think of all those 65 year old mine workers who stopped going down into the mines every day because they now could become shiftless, lazy bums living off Social Security! We need to continue the American way of life which has made this nation Number One in the number of work hours for our people. Idleness leads to laziness and laziness leads to earlier death.