End The Dream!

Many Americans had a dream when they voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. The dream was creating a new society in which immigrants, both legal and illegal were finally allowed to gain citizenship in this nation. In particular, there was hope that children brought from Mexico by their parents who had spent their formative years in the United States of America would be granted the road to citizenship. That was then, today is now and now we know that Barack Obama is able to spout wonderful words of liberalism, but in his heart remains a lite version of Mitt Romney. Rocio Hernandez Perez surrendered to border authorities and was then sent to Mexico even though he had spent most of his life in the United States of America. He is one of 25 who belonged to the Dreamer activists, those who wanted to become American citizens, the land they had lived in since childhood.

Who is Barack Obama? For years he has been charged by right wing nut cases with being an illegal person who is not really an American citizen. And, what does he do-deports people who suffer from similar charges of not really being an American. For two hundred years people crossed our northern and southern borders without being stopped. Why not today?