End Torture, Generals Advise Obama!

Among the blots on American society is the use of torture by interrogators at various bases throughout the world. The United States once had a reputation as a nation which adhered to the rules of war until George Bush came on the scene with his inability to grasp how violation of the Geneva Accords cast America into the same category as Nazi Germany or Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. A dozen retired generals met with president elect Barack Obama’s legal advisors to plea for an end to detention , interrogation and rendition policies which violate human rights.

An official on the Obama team said: “President-elect Obama has said that Americans do not engage in torture, that we must send a message to the world that America is a nation of laws, and that we as a nation must stand against torture. He believes that banning torture will actually save American lives and help restore America’s moral stature in the world.” The generals want the CIA to adhere to military guidelines on the use of torture.