End Violence Indian PM Urges Pakistan

India’s Prime Minister Mamohan Singh told Pakistan there could be no true peace between the two nations until Pakistan wipes terrorists from their soil. He emphasized his government’s desire for friendly relations and improved economic ties but insisted there had to be evidence Pakistan was serious about dealing with terrorism within its own borders. ‘Our silence and good intentions to improve relations with Pakistan should not be mistaken as our weakness. we are determined to fight terrorism and defeat it decisively.” He also promised to ensure the people of the divided area of Kashmir would benefit from economic prosperity if they supported his political party.

There is no question terrorist groups exist in Pakistan and some were even created by its secret service, the ISI. But, terrorism is a two way street and India also has terrorist extreme Hindu minded nationalists who preach hatred toward those not Hindu and carry out terrorist attacks on Christians and Muslims. if India is serious about dealing with terrorism, the fight should also begin at home.