Endangered Species–Libraries!

Denmark is experiencing a common problem in terms of public libraries that remain open to service the needs of people. As in America, those who seek to “reduce government expenditures,” are forcing communities to close down their libraries or reduce the number of hours and days they remain open for clients. Last year in Denmark, 17 libraries were closed and the entire nation is reduced to just 482 libraries!

Michel Steen, head of the Danish Library Association, points out “the number of branches has been halved since 1980 even though over 100,00 more people used libraries in 2010 than had visited the prior year. Although most come to check out books, a high percent use Internet services or read national and international newspapers. Anyone who has taught children know those who continual visit libraries are the ones who love reading.

Ah, I am certain members of the Tea Party regard libraries as another example of government intruding into the lives of people.

Andrew Carnegie, where are you now that we need you?