English Supermarket Stands For Equality!

This blog wishes to hail the policies of Mark & Spencer, a British supermarket chain which is taking a stand for equality for all people, and we just do not mean their customers. Muslim employees are given the right not to sell pork or alcohol or other items in the store which they do not use because their religion does not allow them to engage with alcohol or pork, along with a few other items and ideas. The store, when told an employee, due to religion, does not wish to sell an item, the store seeks to place them “in a suitable role, such as in our clothing department or bakery in foods.” How sweet and generous. I assume that applies to one and all in their employ.

1. As a devout follower of the New York Yankees it is against my religion to serve anyone who roots for the Boston Red Sox. I assume the right to question any customer as to their baseball religious views and refuse to serve anyone who leans towards Boston.
2. As a devout believer in lox on bagels I refuse to sell a bagel unless the customer also purchases cream cheese and lox.
3. As a devout believer in free sex, it is part of my religion, I insist on the right to sleep with any attractive female customer. After all, let’s not deny me the pleasure of praying and fucking, my religion says I can!
4. I just became a member of the Nudist Religion. Our fundamental belief is the right to gaze at naked bodies. Hopefully, I will not be transferred to the bakery just because I want to see your naked body!