Enough About Benghazi!!

During the past decade over 5,000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan or Iraq and over 40,000 wounded. At least 500,000 suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, but what has been the focus of Republican members of Congress -THE DEATH OF FOUR PEOPLE! Their greatest concern is what were terrorists thinking when they killed our Ambassador to Libya. They want to know why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not read each and every one of the thousands of emails and letters that daily arrive at the State Department.  They want to know why she is not up to date on security arrangments at the Singapore or Jakarta or Tokyo embassies. From Republican viewpoints former Secretary of State Condi Rice knew exactly what was the security situation in Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe and so on.

Enough of this children’s game. I would be more impressed if these creatures seeking information would devote several sessions dealing with PTSD suffered by our brave young men and women. Oh, such an investigation would not get hours on Fox News.