Enough Of Blindly Following US, Says Aussie Professor!

Jake Lynch, of the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, argued it was time for Australia to cease blindly following American leads and focus on its own national interests. He doesn’t believe the election of Hillary Clinton will fundamentally alter American policies which seek to impose its interests as the dominant ones in the world. America has initiated actions designed to intimidate nations and refuses to work with other countries on global issues such as the need to reduce carbon emissions. The United States is like an addict who can’t shake the hold of hydrocarbons on its psychic being. “Undermining multilateral initiatives on climate change is one side of the coin, attacking Iran is the other side.” Lynch believes “American comes to Australia for support in its military initiatives, not because the Pentagon needs help, but to get political cover for the appearance of leading a posse of allies, essential for squaring public opinion at home.”

I believe such comments as those of Lynch, will increasingly be emanating from nations throughout the world as realization becomes blatantly clear American foreign policy initiatives have only one purpose in mind — imposing American desires upon the world. The United States has come a long way from President Truman’s desire to work with nations of Europe in a coalition to build prosperity and ensure world peace against potential threats from the Soviet Union. Today, President Putin wanders the world as among the few leaders willing to challenge American hegemony. Perhaps, Hillary Clinton will take an alternative road from that of Bush, but, so far, she has not indicated an intellectual grasp for the need to completely rethink American economic, political and social directions. The world needs a massive effort to confront global warming and Hillary Clinton has to speak honestly in this direction instead of merely choosing her words to be politically correct.