Enough With The Gays!

The Russian government is getting rather upset at the distraction being caused to the Sochi Olympics. Just because some men and women are not happy, why must the Russian government be caused pain and anguish. All the Russian government did was to pass a law which forbids nasty people from going around attempting to transform nice boys and girls into pervert men and women who spend their lives having sex with someone of the same sex. The new worry in Russia is what happens if athletes at the games begin to shout and have demonstrations in favor of gay rights? Russian Olympic officials want all talk about such actions to cease and desist.They are worried about riots and athletes winding up in jail and an attempt to end the Sochi games midway through the Sochi games.

Let ne suggest a simple solution to this problem. Just allow anyone in Russia to have the right to be gay. Make it illegal to be sad or solemn in this fair land. End of problems about the Sochi Games?