Erdogan And God

Recept Erdogan is a man with memories. He remembers being attacked, sent to prison and treated like a man without any power because he did not accept the world of Turkish generals. He has not and will not forget the years of powerlessness. He decided, as chief city planner of Turkey, to alter the city of Istanbul by building a new mall. Thousands  of people did not want the mall but he pursued his dream and the end result was open conflict. He did back down–for a moment– and talked quietly, but old memories of  being powerless returned to  his mind. He met with HIS followers and proclaimed: “nobody can intimidate us. We don’t take orders or instructions from anybody except God.”

Police returned to Gezi Park, they resumed beating up people, using gas and water cannon and made clear to one and all that God Himself had declared anyone who opposes the new mall in Istanbul is a TERRORIST!!