Eric Cantor Charged With Cancer

Eric Cantor could readily be presented as the poster boy for conservatism in the United States of America. He wants lower taxes for the wealthy and lower benefits for poor people. If Barack Obama said the sun was out, Eric would make a speech insisting there were clouds in the sky. He is against the Åffordable Care Act since, in his view, Americans do not want the tyranny of government providing for their health needs. According to Eric Cantor, there is no such thing as global change, just read the Bible and note that God sent a flood if He wanted to wipe out people. So, what then is the crime committed by House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor?

Eric Cantor engaged in discussions about reforming immigration laws. So, the Tea Party led by shills such as Ann Coulter organized the defeat of this prominent Republican. Someone named David Brat won the primary. This is the first time in the history of America that a House Majority leader was denied the nomination to run for public office! The crazies are active and are out to get people for TALKING about an issue. Heck, Eric Cantor never went beyond –talking!