Eric Cantor Guilty Of Treason!

We charge House of Representative Republican leader, Eric Cantor, is guilty of the charge of treason to his country. The Jewish Republican congressman told Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would use his political power in order to “serve as a check on President Obama’ in case our nation’s president carried out actions which conflict with foreign policy goals of Netanyahu! American foreign policy is NOT based on what is right or wrong about Israel.

Eric Cantor placed the interests of PM Netanyahu before those of the United States of America. That is simply an example of treason. Cantor was elected to do what is best for this nation, not for what An Israel leader says must be done. The House of Representatives pushed through a freeze on aid to the Palestinian Authority. Money was designed to  train teachers, provide technical assistance, provide medical care, etc.. Not a single dollar was going to the military!

Of course, there are those who believe the national interests of Israel benefit from such aid.