Erin Brockovich Takes On New Zealand Company Over Ad

Erin Brockovich exploded against a New Zealand company’s advertisement which she considered to be insulting to women. The advertisement by retailer Bond and Bond said: “Government says fridges are better younger. Just like women, really.” Brockovich called the parent company of Bond and Bond and “expressed my outrage and my disappointment in them for running such an advertisement. I demanded its retraction and they agreed to do so.” It is reported Brockovich is currently investigating a mining company in Perth.

It is nice to know Erin Brockovich is not simply resting on her laurels from a movie but continues taking an active interest in the rights of women all over the world.

  • david

    I didn’t know Ms. Brokovich had done anything since the events the movie depicted. Very interesting, and proof of my ignorance.

  • Brian

    What this doesn’t tell you, is that Erin is fronting an add campaign for Noel Leemings in NZ. Its the same company that own both Bond & Bond and Noel Lemming. So is this for real? or just part of the campaign?.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I honestly don’t know. Thanks for your information.