Ethics Of Internet Stings

I have always felt mixed emotions concerning sting operations on the Internet aimed at catching someone making sexual proposals to an underage girl. Scott Ritter, who gained fame in 2003 by opposing the Bush invasion of Iraq has now been trapped three times by police posing as underage girls. I agree there is a problem. I agree underage girls should not be solicited by older men, but is this the best way we can utilize police forces? White collar crime robs more underage girls of their lives than any Internet solicitor. Yes, it is immoral, unethical, terrible for a man to solicit young girls in an effort to have sex with the female.We are now in a situation in which thousands of police are being laid off. We need every member of the police force to focus on crime, and we send hundreds off to prey on older men whose penis is simply too active.

Since the police these days are asking volunteers to do some clerical work, why not turn over Internet sting operations to volunteers. I am certain some sex perverts would be all too glad to volunteer.

  • Anonymous

    I can almost guarantee that the men arrested in these internet stings did nothing
    more than stumble into a trap meant to persuade them to engage in illegal
    conduct. I say this because these stings are conducted on adult websites that
    are rampant with pornography and sexual communications. They probably only made first contact with the undercover officers out of curiosity as to what a minor (or someone pretending to be a minor) would be doing on an adult web site in the
    first place. That is even if they knew it was a “minors” screen name they were
    clicking on. A lot of people just randomly select screen names to talk to in
    chat rooms and very rarely check profiles. So the claim made by law enforcement
    that these men knew that they were going to talk to a minor is ridiculous
    especially since anybody can make up anything they want to about themselves on
    the internet. Furthermore, since they were already talking about sex and everybody knows that this is what goes on in an adult environment, it is not very hard for someone to slip up and say something that the officers use against them and persuade them to commit “illegal acts”.

    It is not a violation of the child solicitation statute to have a sexual
    conversation with a minor as long as the intent is not to seduce them. If this
    were the case, there would not be any sexual education classes taught in
    school. Furthermore, the public is lied to and made to believe that these
    suspects were searching for children in minor oriented websites. The only
    criminal enterprise that has been uncovered is the one that the police have
    created just to make money, get publicity, and give the real predators the
    ability to basically work carefree because they know that they will not be
    going to adult websites to find children. Finally, the only crimes being
    committed are done by the police officers because it is also a felony to
    persuade someone to commit a felony. Also since these “pedophiles” rarely have
    criminal records, are persuaded into “committing illegal acts” that nobody even
    knows if they were actually going to commit, did not have to seduce anyone, and
    did not even plan on it they are innocent. These people are just stupid and
    stupidity is not against the law.

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  • hopeforaloveone

    I could not agree more. This is getting more and more crazy.