Ethiopian Troops Begin Leaving Somalia

In the winter of 2006, President Bush urged Ethiopia to invade the Islamic nation of Somalia in order to overthrow a Muslim fundamentalist government which had gained power. American planes and ships assisted the Ethiopian armed forces and the result was a defeat of the Somalian government. A more pro-western government was installed which soon resulted in the emergence of insurgents. During the past two years, anti-Christian hate against the Ethiopians as invaders of a Muslim nation was a factor in allowing radical Somalian forces to gradually regain control of their nation. There are now reports that hundreds of Ethiopians are beginning the process of evacuating Somalia. This most probably means the now even more radical Islamic government will regain power and there should be a bloody reprisal against anyone who supported the pro-western government or Ethiopian forces.

The Bush fiasco in Somalia has basically remained ignored by the American media which is caught up in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, once again, Bush displayed his complete ignorance of the Muslim world by sanctioning and encouraging a Christian nation to invade an Islamic ruled nation. Where was Secretary of State Condi Rice on this one?

  • igsaan

    I have known from the beginning that BUSH was behind this invasion.