Ethnicity Vs Majority

There is no question an issue that is present in European societies which welcome those of the Muslim faith to their shores. A small, very small minority of Muslims, adhere to  customs that do not fit into a modern society. Damian Green, the Police and Justice Minister in England, warned about abuse of women by those who believe how they were raised elsewhere applies in England. “If you come to live ina  21st century Britain then you obey the laws and observe the conventions of 21st century Britian. And, the law says that exploiting children for sexual puroses is a serious and disgusting crime.”

He was particularly upset at the practice of parents marrying off young daughters in order to avoid having them select the man they desire with whom to share their lives. Women in a modern society make life choices-as do men. It would be one thing if males were married off at age 12, but that will never occur.