EU Agrees On Immigrant Policy

The European Union has finally decided to confront the immigration issue which is of concern to every single one of its members in order to achieve uniformity in rules and regulations governing the treatment of both legal and illegal immigrants within the confines of its borders. Europe wants to attract more qualified immigrants while making it difficult for unskilled illegal immigrants to enter. The new proposal indicates a willingness to regulate both legal and illegal immigrants, deal with border controls, confront the issue of those seeking political asylum and work toward uniforming how migrants are treated in all of the member states.

The agreement wants to make clear to an immigrant that arriving in any European Union nation would find the same procedures in force. The EU finally confronts an important issue–it needs highly qualified immigrants because so many EU states have low birth rates. There is new desire to clarify how many each member state needs and then to ensure the immigrant is treated with respect and allowed to integrate within the society. There is even hope of making agreements with nations from which many immigrants come in order to assist the entire process of migration.

There is no question this agreement is vitally important and confronts issues that for far too long have been ignored.