EU Concerned Over Serbian Election

The European Union is worried about the May 11 elections in Serbia where the ultra-nationalist Radical Party may become the stongest group in parliament. It is led by Tomislav “Toma” Nikolic, a rabble rouser who plays to nationalistic emotions and promises never to give up the fight to ensure Kosovo remains part of Serbia. He insists the European Union can not dictate what happens in Serbia or Kosovo and rejects the ideas of Serbian President Boris Tadic who wants his nation to enter the EU and find a way to resolve the Kosovo issue without violence. However, if Nikolic’s party gains about 30% of the vote it will probably become the largest political party in parliament.

Sebian nationalist refuse to enter into negotiation with the European Union until there is agreement that Kosovo is still part of Serbia, a demand that will not be accepted. Many Serbs want membership because it allows Serbians to find jobs in any EU nation. Most probably the election will result in a stalemate in Serbia with no political party strong enough to face the reality of an independent Kosovo.

  • Sanja

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  • Sanja