EU Denounces Sarkozy

Nicholas Sarkozy noticed his popularity ratings were declining so he looked around, realized there were Roma in his country and decided they were the ones who could help him once again become the man on a white horse of power. He initiated a terror campaign against Roma who were in France sending 977 to Romania and demolishing about 127 of their camps. Right wing enthusiasts hailed the president for his tough stand and every hater of minorities was happy to send Roma back to where they came from. However, the European Union Parliament was aghast at his policy which was in direct violation of the right to move around the EU and, for one of the first times in history, passed a resolution against the leader of a nation. It said the EU Parliament “was deeply concerned at the inflammatory and openly discriminatory rhetoric that has characterized political discourse during the repatriation of Roma, lending credibility to racist statements and the actions of extreme right wing groups.” Ironically, even conservatives in the EU body voted for the resolution which passed 337 to 245!

It is too bad the US is not a member of the EU. What would be more encouraging than a resolution condemning the Republican Party for its campaign of hate and bigotry?