EU Monitors Enter Georgia Without Problems

There has been considerable talk concerning refusal on the part of Russia to cooperate with European Union observers in Georgia. French President Sarkozy negotiated an agreement that would allow EU observers into area of Georgia that currently are under the control of Russian soldiers. Russian sources have been saying for over a week they would not allow any EU observers to enter areas of Georgia under their control, but when EU observers actually arrived in those locations, Russian troops waved them through. A Russian officer on the spot said, “the situation is very calm” while EU mission had, Hansjoerg Haber said he was initially told not to enter the area, but then allowed in.

Both Europe and Russia are still suffering from the after effects of George Bush’s policies that seek to destabilize rather than to work for peace. His provocative building of missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic created extensive turmoil and now the EU has to find ways of reassuring Russia their security will be protected.