EU Promises Tough Talk To Mugabe

The African-European Union Summit meeting next month is still wracked with arguments from many EU members who are opposed to the presence of Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe. He is accused of gross violations of human rights, of destroying his nation’s economy, and hostility toward those who oppose him. According to a spokesperson for Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England, “the message from the prime minister is clear, neither he nor any senior official will attend if Mugabe does.” EU leaders have promised to make clear to Mugabe their concern over violations of human rights. Zimbabwe has an inflation rate of about 15,000% and its economy is in ruin after Mugabe drove out productive white farmers and gave their land to his cronies who had no interest or experience in farming. About 75% of people are unemployed and at least a million have left the country seeking work elsewhere. Mugabe insists he has done nothing wrong and all problems stem from western hostility. Perhaps, he could explain why opponents are beaten or denied access to food supplies brought in by outside relief agencies?