EU Silence Over Turkish Brutality To Workers

A strange silence was heard in the absence of comments from European nations regarding the brutalilty shown toward Turkish workers on May 1. May Day, a traditional workers’ holiday, is ordinarily marked by festivities and workers marching with banners to proclaim their solidarity with the working class. But, in Turkey, it is normal work day, However, this year when Turkish workers attempted to conduct peaceful marches they were assaulted by thousands of police and soldiers who fired tear gas, beat up marchers, and arrested over 900. The concept of a worker political organization is hostile to the interests of the Justice and Development Party(AKP).

The European Union is already upset at a court case which threatens to dissolve the AKP due to charges it is attempting to subvert the secular institutions of Turkey with religious Muslim ideas. The EU is also concerned about the infamous Article 301 of the Turkish Constitution which makes illegal insulting the Turkish nation, whatever that means.

Turkish government brutality towards its workers will not go unnoticed when its appllication for membership in the EU reaches the table of decision making.

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