EU Toughens Car Standards

The European Union is preparing to introduce tough new rules governing car advertisements whch will require ncluding in a conspicuou manner and in easy to understand information, the gas consumption and mileage. These rules are consisten with procedures that will compel alchol, tobacco and food products to provide information about health risks entailed in consuming the product. There will be an attempt by the EU to make advertisers avoid using certain imagery that is sexual in nature as part of advertisng campaigns. The campaign is particularly focusing on gas guzzler cars which means German car manufacturers will be most impacted by the changes.

Two factors are impacting the purchase of cars– the rising price of gasoline, and new government restrictions on advertising. There is a strong likelihood the price of gasoline will do the job for governments by placing tremendous pressure on consumers to purchase cars with good gas mileage. This is one situation in which events have out run legislation.