EU Urges Turkey Host Palestine Meeting

The situation in Gaza gets worse with each passing days and now Hamas is initiating suicide attacks that will only exacerbate problems. The European Union urged Turkish leaders to assume leadership in bringing together warring factions in the Israel-Palestine conflict. State Minister Kurgad Tuzmen said he was approached by an EU envoy and asked to osst such a meeting. Tuzmen responsed: “Such inititiatives should not be romantic.” Turkey is in the unusual position of having excellent relations with all sides in the conflict, particularly with Israel with whom its economic and military relations are very solid.

This blog for months has been urging such a mediator role for Turkey. Most Palestinians have lost confidence in the Bush administration and certainly have no confidence in former prime minister Tony Blair as a mediator. It is time for a fresh start with a nation that gets along with all sides. A successful Turkish effort in helping to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict would enhance its chances for entry into the European Union.