EU Voters Give Ho Hum To Election

Only about 43% of eligible voters turned out for the European Union parliament elections which witnessed a strong showing by center-right parties as well as Green candidates. It appears that socialist parties such as the UK Labor Party went down to a resounding defeat because voters did not believe they were offering policies that dealt with their concerns about unemployment as well as the tricky issue of immigrants. A member of the British Fascist party even won a seat most probably because of a campaign against immigrants in his country. Jose Manuel Barros, president of the EU executive European Commission, argued, “Overall, the results are an undeniable victory for those parties and candidates that support the European project and want to see the European Union delivery policy responses to their everyday concerns.”

The European Union elections still lack the presence of major candidates offering policies that would deal with these everyday concerns. There is scant doubt many candidates ran for office on a platform of fear, fear of the stranger, fear of immigrants. Perhaps, it is time for a presidency which can offer leadership for the entire European Union.