EU Will Not Screen Anti-Muslim Film

The European Parliament has banned the viewing of the anti-Islam film, Fitna, on its premises. The film was made by Durch right-wing MP and Freedom party leader, Geert Wilders who reacted by storming out in anger claiming it was a blow against democracy. A majority of members of Parliament believe the film merely incites hatred of Muslims and does not contribute to raising issues other than those of blind hatred. Originally, the film wa to have been shown in a conference room, but the projector was taken away. Fitna reminded his audience the film already had been show in London and elsewhere.

The basic thesis of the film is an examination of the Koran reveals it encourages war and violence. It contains a collection of quotes and news footage of terrorist attacks. It would not be difficult to make a film which contains quotes from the Bible as well as footage of Christian violence including the Holocaust. Issues in this case have nothing to do with democracy, they simply deal with taste and refusal to foster anti-Muslim hatred. Mr. Wilders is free to show his film around the world. There is no doubt a ready audience for such films is available among those who hate Muslims.