Europe Adopts Republican Economic Ideas!

A continual refrain from Republicans is that President Barack Obama follows the ideas of European Socialists. Mitt does not want his nation to adopt economic ideas from Europeans but prefers God loving American ones. Ironically, the US under Obama is NOT following European ideas of austerity and cutting government expenditures. European leaders –none of whom is a Socialist–adhere to the same economic ideas of Republicans. Cut, cut, reduce taxes, and cut government expenditures.

Latest figures reveal there are 17 million unemployed Europeans and in March the rate increased by 110,000. Of course, in the US, the number of new jobs INCREASED in March by 115,000. Yes, we wish more new jobs were created, but in Europe there is now an unemployed rate among those under 25 which has hit the 22.2% level.

Just say no to European economic ideas and vote for Obama.