Europe Full, Stay Home!

Marine le Pen, daughter of a man who for fifty years has been warning the people of France to beware those who were not born in their beloved nation that evil immigrants threatened to change the composition of society. She recently went to the island of Lampedusa off the coast of Italy in order to investigate the arrival of hundreds of immigrants who are fleeing turmoil in Tunisia and Libya. Upon arrival, she told the immigrants, “I have a lot of compassion for you, but Europe can’t welcome you. We don’t have the financial means.” Marine went on to warn that “tomorrow there could be hundreds of thousands” and the continent of Europe lacks space for any more new people. She also warned the people of France they were at risk since borders of their nation lacked an effective system of controlling arrival of many immigrants. Just think, if the people of France had followed this advice given in the 1950s by her father, it would be native born French people who clean the streets, pick fruits from the fields and handle garbage removal. All these wonderful jobs could be done by French born folk!

As usual, a Le Pen is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Those who fled Libya HAD jobs. If Tunisia could become economically viable with unleashing of its creative talents, people would remain in that land and not head to Europe. Most do NOT wish to leave, but violence led many to depart out of fear. End the violence and most will return. That means, French people can get those wonderful job opportunities in the garbage removal system.