Europe Or King Putin??

Hundreds of thousands are back in the streets of Kiev demanding their government turn away from the east and face towards the West and Europe. At least 200,000 packed into Independence Square shouting their voices in favor of joining the European Union and turning away from becoming beholden to Vladimir Putin and his policies of economic stagnation and repression of human rights. They insist that President Viktor Yanukovych end his talks with Putin and face west to the European Union and their dream to live under democratic rules of conduct that ensure economic development and rule by law and order. And, when they say, “law and order,” it means rule by democratic law and order, not the dictatorial regime established by Putin for the Russian people.

John McCain appeared in Kiev to lend support to democracy. “People of Ukraine,the destiny you seek lies in Europe. People of Ukraine, this is your moment. The free world is with you, America is with you. I am with you.”

There might be some evidence the demonstration impacted President Yanukovych who mumbled something about being willing to rethink his decision of turning away from the west in order to become a lackey of Putin. Perhaps, he may finally understand the people of Ukraine do NOT wish to become a colony of Russia. They spent forty years in that role and there is no returning to the past.