European Socialists Attack Wealthy

During the past decade a continual complaint of Republicans was spread of “European ideas” by their Democratic opponents. Mitt and George and John argued the goal of Democrats was to introduce Socialist ideas from capitalist nations such as England and Germany that would result in taking from the rich to give to the poor. For some reason, Democrats did not understand that in a capitalist nation one takes from the poor and middle class in order to aid wealthy folk. If you doubt this, just check the Sermon on the Mount. As we all know, the goal of Jesus was to spread the gospel of “Defend Those With Wealth.”

Cyprus is being compelled to tax wealthy bank depositors if they desire a bail out from noted Capitalist Germany and the European Union. Those who have bank deposits that exceed $150,000 will pay a tax. Russians reportedly have over $30 billion in Cyprus banks since they do not wish to pay taxes in Russia. Finally, evidence of European Socialists in action against the wealthy!