European Union Disappointed In Israel Government

Even as future prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to build his new coalition government, there is growing fury in Europe at his selection of right wing anti-Arab bigot, Avigdor Lieberman as his foreign minister. The world can only wonder what is in the mind of Netanyahu to select a man who wants to expel Israeli Arabs if they fail to pass a citizenship test of swearing loyalty. What exactly does Netanyaju believe will gain the support of European countries in his ill conceived policy toward Palestinians? EU External Relations Commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner made clear: “What we want to see is a foreign minister of Israel that accepts a two-state solution.” Of course, both Netanyahu and Lieberman oppose a two state solution and they oppose surrendering any of the West Bank.

German newspapers, which historically have supported Israel, were furious at the election of Netanyahu. The Center-left Suddeutsche Zeitung said: “Under Netanyau and is vassals from the right-wing and the ultra-Orthodox camps, there will be no new political departures, rather steps backward and newly whipped up enmities.” Just about every German newspaper from right to left wing denounced the appointment of Lieberman.

What exactly is going through the minds of Jews in Israel? I have always supported the right of Israel to exist and hoped Arab nations would accept that possibility. At this point, it is hard to conceive of any mass support for Israel. The Israelis have decided to enter a bunker, shut the door and block out the world in hope when they emerge, the world will accept all of their proposals. Dream on, you are living in fantasy.