European Union Grapples With Congo Issue

About seventy years ago, Great Britain stood alone as the only nation still fighting the horror of a Nazi German triumph. There were voices in America which said assisting England would be foolish and only lead to terrible problems for America including the possibility its own citizens would wind up dead. In 2008, the British government is taking the lead to halt any intervention on the part of the European Union to provide assistance to the people of the Congo who face an enemy as blood thirsty and cruel as Nazi Germany. Britain is refusing to take part in any armed intervention to save thousands of people who face death while females fear rape. Several nations and human rights groups are urging dispatch of troops to protect innocent civilians, but the UK and Germany stand opposed.

The UN has a force of 17,000 which supposedly can do something in a country equal in size to Texas. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says thousands will die unless more troops are on the scene, but England will not act. Of course, Tony Blair was willing to send thousands of troops on a mission over nothing, but today, when real problems exist, there are few voices in the British government urging providing help.